Magneti Marelli

1995 – 2001 Harley-Davidson Touring motorcycles used a Magneti Marelli style fuel injection system. Although these systems are considered obsolete, there’s still a lot of these motorcycles on the road today. H-D has released a “service ECM” as a replacement for the original unit and it’s fully programmable. # 41000012A.

This service ECM is now obsolete from H-D. The ECM was made by S&S and is still available from your local S&S dealer.

2013-02-02_14-19-10_341The ECM is blank and needs to be programed. It comes with basic level software and several common base maps. With a little dyno time, this ECM can accommodate most engine combinations without the need of any add-on tuning devices. Another option for this ECM is a wide band O2 sensor upgrade. Yes, a Magneti Marelli ECM that will tune the fuel while you ride.