Screamin’ Eagle Pro Super Tuner

Harley-Davidson introduced the Screamin’ Eagle Pro Super Tuner in 2008 which superseded the Screamin’ Eagle Race Tuner. The Super Tuner is a vehicle communication interface (VCI) that allows the user access to the ECU.  With a full 15 minutes of recording time of as many as 26 different channels of information, this can be a very valuable diagnostics tool. When used for tuning, there are several adjustments that you have control over such as, engine size, injector size, rev limit, fuel and timing, and spark knock control.

Cables are sold separately. Starting in 2014, software can be updated via internet at Because of the nature of this product, an understanding of a combustion engine, how EFI works, and a moderate knowledge of computers is strongly recommended. At Harley-Davidson of Salt Lake, we have the education, experience, and equipment to create a tune especially for your motorcycle.

Caution: Harley-Davidson motorcycles modified with some high-performance engine parts must not be used on public roads and, in some cases, may be restricted to closed-course competition.