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So who’s behind this and what qualifies us as such big twin experts? 
Our track record. The authors of this site have built some of the highest performing nitro fuel drag bikes that have ever blessed a quarter mile. Getting a big twin to run consistently over 200mph requires some serious engineering, precision machining, and god given talent. There are less than a handful of Harley-Davidson dealers that employ this kind of mechanical talent, and the lessons we learned on the track can completely translate into performance gains for your factory Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Some of the articles we publish are product reviews, other articles are designed to give an elementary explanation of basic engine functions, and sometimes we’ll simply brag about an engine kit that was born right here in the Race Department at Harley-Davidson of Salt Lake City. We don’t have comments or never ending debates on what does or doesn’t work. We’ll skip the opinions and stick to the cold hard facts. We own our results and trust in the fact that our Dyno never lies.

Want to learn more? Don’t bother with scheduling appointments to come talk with us, just swing into Harley-Davidson of Salt Lake City and chat with the Race Department. We promise results and we’re always here to chat.