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Screamin’ Eagle 120ST 50 State Legal!!

se_120st_crate_motorScreamin’ Eagle 120ST  

Harley-Davidsons new Screamin’ Eagle 120ST  Engine has been given the 50-state legal certification by CARB rendering the 120ci engine the only “street legal” power plant of that size in all 50 states!

                Fits ’10 – ‘15 Touring models, 50-state compliant.

(reference Executive Orders  M-005-0208 and G-14-012)

                This crate engine allows for a one year Over-the-Counter warranty

                No SWR is allowed

                Not eligible for Extended Service Plan (ESP) through HDFS            

 While the other good news of getting the 120ST engine CARB-certified the 2010-2015 Harley-Davidson Touring Models in all 50 states (excluding Twin-Cooled models) is still pending.The Motor Company’s CARB-cert could be a positive sign of things to come for 2016 Touring Models or Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) models. 

Now let’s delve into the meat of the engine. The 120ST is essentially similar to that of the configuration of Harley’s beloved Screamin’ Eagle 120R motor: It features the same 4-5/8-inch stroke with a 4.060-inch bore using the same heads, valve springs, and bearings as the 120R, only the 120ST has been “cammed down a bit changing from the R motor’s SE266 cams [with a lift of .658] to SE259 cams [with a lift of .579],” “This was done in order to be street compliant.” 

Developed and tested in Milwaukee, this motor features the finest Screamin’ Eagle components: 

• 4.060 big-bore cylinders

• 4-5/8-inch stroke SE Pro stroker flywheel and rod assembly

• 10.5:1 high-compression nickel-plated forged pistons with Teflon coated skirt

• Titanium SST piston rings

• SE-259E high-lift cams

• New pushrods

• SE high-performance lifters

• CNC-ported MVA heads with automatic compression release

• SE Pro High-Flow 58mm EFI Throttle Body, high flow injectors and manifold clamps

• Machined lower rocker boxes for valve spring collar clearance

• Factory-machined engine cases

• Unique piston oilers for stroker clearance

• SE inner crankcase full complement cam needle bearings

• SE Lefty high-performance crankcase output bearing and nitride bearing race

• SE Performance spark plugs

• 120ST cam cover and cylinder head medallions 

Equipped with a Screamin’ Eagle 58mm Throttle Body that’s 18 percent larger than stock, this engine is capable of producing 106 horsepower and 117 lb-ft of torque at the rear wheel. The crankcase, cylinders and heads are painted black and feature machined aluminum highlights and chrome covers.









Transport Mode

Some customers are discovering discharged batteries after transporting their motorcycle for an extended period of time.

Transport Mode arms the security system with motion detection disabled for one ignition cycle: This allows movement of the vehicle in an armed state.

If the motorcycle is being transported and was not placed in Transport Mode, the security alarm will activate due to motion detection. This will eventually drain the battery.

Battery failure due to not using Transport Mode when transporting the motorcycle is NOT covered by warranty: This is not a defect in materials or workmanship.

Details about entering and exiting Transport Mode are located in the Owner’s Manual.